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Functional Bird Cages

Choose from our collection of unique bird cages for your pets. Arizona Bird Store in Mesa, Arizona, provides a large stock of cages for small and large birds including outdoor aviaries.

Modern Cages

The bird cages are made of durable and functional materials like metal and iron. We also offer attractive cages with powder coatings to offer a lifetime home for your pet. Our cages range in size from 14 x 14 x 16 inches to bigger ones reaching 9 x 9 x 12 feet high. 

Play Stands

Place new play stands inside your pet bird's cage. We have small medium and large table tops for your avian friends. We also provide metal play stands including:

• Wooden Play Stands

• T-Stands • Manzanita Play Stands/Gyms • Hanging Play Stands


Bird Food

Buy new treats for your pet birds from our shop. We have bulk bins containing 40 different bird food types that fit every bird's specific diet. This bird food comes pre-packaged and frozen in large 50-pound bags.

Song Bird in Cage - Bird Cages

Food Selection

Choose which bird food your pet will love with our food selection service. We provide pet treats like dehydrated fruits and vegetables. 


Purchase a new toy for your favorite feathered companion. We have a 60-foot long wall lined with bird toys in every shape, color, and size. In addition, we also offer indestructible pet toys.

Contact us in Mesa, Arizona, to get a price list of all bird cages and bird food products today.