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Affordable Bird Food From a Trusted Bird Shop

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Food & Cages

Get top quality food for your pet birds from us. Arizona Bird Store in Mesa, Arizona, offers a variety of bird food and bird cages for your favorite feathered pets.


Pamper your pet with our reliable pet grooming services. We also provide training consultations
for birds with behavior issues and first-time pet
bird owners.


Come to The Arizona Bird Club and make friends with fellow bird owners! This event takes place every third Friday of the month.

Member of the American Federation of Aviculture, Founders of the Arizona Bird Club  |  More Than 30 Years in Business

Learn about Arizona Bird Store

Arizona Bird Store in Mesa, Arizona, is a reputable bird shop offering bird food and cages. As the largest avian specialist in Arizona, we offer numerous live
birds, from hand-feeding babies to adult breeders. Our more than 30 years in the business and knowledgeable staff allow us to give top-notch and friendly
service to our clients.

Request more information from us in Mesa, Arizona, for inquiries about natural bird food from a highly reliable bird shop.